A French Jeweler and Artist

I was a florist in Paris, working for a hotel and for events.

This new chapter, a special moment in my life has propelled me to the marvelous island of Mallorca.

But what of this beautiful present? I began by walking on the beaches and in the mountains. I felt both great joy, and at the same time, fear and also confidence…. so many questions about my future. What was I to become?

I looked for a guide to accompany me on this invisible quest. I was very lucky to meet such people in Alaró. It was not a coincidence. The twin mountains have so much to teach us.

Meditation? I did not know it, nor was I fully conscious. But my powerful intentions meant that everything arrived in just a moment!

I met many healers, attended courses on quantum resonance and many magical changes came to be.
It’s difficult to understand, but it was real!

Working in Nature, I took pieces of wood from the seaside and the mountains to make suspended totems, aerial sculptures.

I put a lot of intention into these sculptures to give me harmony, protection and peace at home.

Then I began to create nomad jewelery, using semi precious stones and Lithotherapy.

They are The Guardians of the body and the soul that I have named the Sowilove…these are the magical necklaces that I make.