Antonio was born in Monesterio, Extremadura. At the age of fifteen he moved to the city of Palma, Mallorca where he currently resides.

Fascinated by the construction of instruments, Antonio Morales became a cabinetmaker at an early age, always making additional pieces such as chess pieces and musical instruments.

His interest in guitars led him to become a student of the luthier George Bowden in 1990. They worked together for many years, not only as luthiers, but also friends. Following Bowden’s death, Morales inherited his woods, plans, machinery and knowledge, which allowed him to continue making exemplary guitars and maintain the George Bowden Legacy School.

As a luthier, Morales has travelled to many countries, frequently appearing at conferences and in the media while making many instruments that are valued highly by internationally admired musicians from across the globe. In 2016 he was awarded the gold medal of the city of Palma de Mallorca for his work as an exceptional craftsman and luthier.

During the last years of Paco de Lucia’s life, Antonio Morales worked closely with the maestro to perfect “La Maestro”, the legend’s ultimate guitar. In addition to the honour of being the last guitar maker to Paco de Lucia and the creator of “La Maestro,”  Antonio Morales worked on the setting of the instruments, which Paco de Lucia used in his last work, “Canción Andaluza”. The guitar on the album cover is a guitar made by Antonio, a special commission from the master.