Composer and Guitarist

Antonio Gil was born in Seville in Andalusia. He is now 46 and has listened to flamenco since he was a little boy in his parents’ house. It was when listening to Paco de Lucía playing “Entre dos Aguas” at the age of four that he discovered his love for the guitar. This was when he decided to learn to play this marvellous instrument himself. The guitar has become his life and he claims he cannot live without it!

Antonio studied Contemporary and Flamenco Harmony at Berklee and has been a professional guitarist for ten years. He is both a musician and a composer with a large repertory of his own compositions. He also plays works by Paco de Lucía and other flamenco guitarists as well as pieces by classical guitarists Albéniz, Tárrega, Bach, Joaquín Rodrigo, and Ernesto Lecuona, to name but a few.