Serafine Klarwein

Jun 4, 2019



SERAFINE KLARWEIN – A Franco America film maker, author and creative activist
Serafine Klarwein was born at home in New Mexico, USA and raised between electric New York City and Deia, a wild bohemian mountain village on the island of Mallorca.

She has a BA in World Arts and Cultures from UCLA and an MFA in Experimental Animation from the California Institute of the Arts.

In Paris, Serafine worked in SFX for the movie studio Ex-Machina and toured Europe as a VJ, most notably with Jon Hassell and Irwin’s Conspiracy.

For the last eighteen years she has lived in Spain, editing, teaching multi media and feeling her way around raising her son and her own awareness.

Serafine also teaches movement medicine and dances her way along through Life, a habit that began when her father would blast the family with world music to get them to boogie along before dinner. In 2007, she was certified in 5Rhythms, exploring the maps and pathways, sharing, learning and teaching experience on the sacred maps of the soul.

Since 1998, she has been working on a movie made in Mallorca with a cast and crew of more than one hundred and fifty people. Using 8mm, 16mm, video and photography, it is a life project to document the transformation of a community.

As a writer and publisher, Serafine has written and edited several children´s books and produced a set of visionary art cards for the artist Mati Klarwein in collaboration with transformational psychologist Annie Lewkowicz.

For the past eighteen years, Serafine has been working on a book about inherited versus earned magic. She is also currently editing and publishing a monograph on the world of artist Mariana Alzamora.¨

A citizen of the world, Serafine found it her duty to become involved in the global conversation by creating a website on creative activism,

link to the trailer of her reverse mockumentary ¨FIshFire¨

On Palma, Serafine comments, “Palma is a human-sized city, meaning you can walk from one side to the other in less than an hour, probably meet some people you know on the way, so live connected.

There is a great mix of old humours, fresh eccentricities, relaxed creative café atmospheres and cultural hubbubing. Beautifully situated between sea and mountains, it is a port at the crossroads of a wide spectrum of European and North African influences.”

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