Clea Elfin

Jun 4, 2019


Clea Elfvin – A Swedish Elf living in Palma
My name is Clea and I am twelve years old. I was born on 11th of May in Stockholm, Sweden.

I lived in Sweden until I was seven and then I moved to Spain. I had already been to Spain a lot in the summer because my parents lived there before with my two brothers who are now sixteen and twenty nine.

It was scary because I had no friends in Mallorca and I was also starting at a new school. It was a Swedish school but it was still a bit scary. We rented a house in Alaro and I have lived there ever since.

The first year we only had one pet, but over the years we have had chickens, birds, donkeys, sheep and cats.
That’s why I love animals so much!

Some of the other things I love are singing, acting and reading. I started acting when I got a role as Rafiki in the school musical and since then I look forward to the musicals we do at school every year. From that I got a role in Christmas Carol which I have acted in for two years at the auditorium on Paseo Maritimo. I read a lot and go to singing class so I get to do all of my favourite things.

I love Palma because of the people and how much they care. In Stockholm people don’t say hi when you are on the train, they don’t say thank you when they leave the supermarket but in Palma that’s just every day life!

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