Catalina Florit

Jun 4, 2019


Catalina Florit – A Mallorquin Actress and Playwright
Catalina has been awarded the prize for the Best Actress of the Balearic Islands for 2019.
Catalina Florit is an actress and a playwright. She trained at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and in Berlin with the company Theatre Fragile and the theatre and architecture company No Fourth Wall as well as the English Theatre, Berlin.
Catalina lives on airplanes between Barcelona and Mallorca where she has worked as an actress with directors such as Andrés Lima, Paco Azorín, Carlota Subirós, Oriol Broggi, Nies Jaume, Pep Tosar, Rafel Duran, Ferran Utzet, Jordi Oriol, Josep Maria Miró, Victoria Szpunberg, Pau Carrió and Jaime Pujol as well as establishing a creative partnership with Joan Miquel Artigues and Toni Gomila, through Produccions de Ferro.
On television, she has appeared in the TV3 mini series “Barcelona Ciutat Neutral” and “Sudoku”. Currently she appears as a permanent character in the first two seasons of IB3TV’s “Amor de Cans”. She was directed by Jules Williamson in the British film “Off the Rails”.
Catalina is researching and exploring new forms of dramaturgy for which she founded the company Aflel Teatre with Jaume Madaula. She wrote the plays “Monstres”, “Bar Nebraska”, “Dones de palla”, and “Homenatge”, the last three of which have been published. With the street artist Joan Aguiló she created the urban art project “Herois anònims”.
She is the director of both “Dones de palla” and “Homenatge” which won an award at Barcelona’s Píndoles Festival. She has coordinated five editions of “Al cel mos vegem tots plegats”, an initiative at Barcelona’s Teatre Maldà which is based on the reforming of the Mallorcan Rondalles.

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