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Welcome to our first ever PechaKucha Palma Night on Tuesday June 4th.

This is AMAZING! So many Creative people in one place, on one night of fun.

Anyone who lives in Palma knows what an incredibly vibrant place it is, so full of life, history, beauty, culture and diversity. Whether you were born Mallorquin or come from somewhere else, we are sure you’ll agree that it’s a very real privilege to live in this pocket-sized world-class city.

Palma has a remarkable history dating from the Bronze Age through invasions by the Romans, Vandals, Moors and Christians to the influential work of Ramon Lull so important to Catalan language and culture. Of recent time, the people and government have a deep commitment to sustainability through the Balearic Islands’ own ground breaking Climate Change Act. Yet perhaps Palma’s greatest qualities are the sense of kindness and community that so many expats find here.

Over the next year, PechaKucha Palma will present four live events.

We begin with A Sense of Place: Exploring Palma’s Creativity on Tuesday June 4th right in the heart of the city at Centre de Cultura Sa Nostra. We have gathered together a company of fascinating talent from across Palma’s creative community. Some names and faces may be familiar to you while we are certain there are others you’ve never met. Between them, the eleven presenters come from music, design, television, theatre, cinema, art, and craft. Click on Speakers to see the kaleidoscopic experience we’re packing into an evening’s entertainment that is the length of a movie!

If you’re lucky enough to attend, you’ll receive a keepsake poster for A Sense of Place: Exploring Palma’s Creativity. This poster features a beautiful painting by Mallorquin street artist Joan Aguilo whose work can be seen around Palma. So book your tickets now to avoid disappointment!

In February Volume Two offers A Sense of Place: Built Environment with architects, city planners, designers, builders, street artists and others responsible for the jewel of a city within which we live.

For our finale in January as 2020 begins, Volume Four offers A New Vision for the Creative Classes. What could be more appropriate for evenings based on a 20 x 20 format!

Launching PechaKucha Palma is the brainchild of Memphis Holland, the CEO of Affordable Mallorca, who has experienced many PechaKucha Nights in the United

States. Memphis is also the lead sponsor for PKNP through her company, Affordable Mallorca – without her it simply wouldn’t be happening!

To learn more about the team behind PechaKucha Palma take a look at our bios on the link here.

Memphis Holland – City Organizer and Lead Sponsor

As C.E.O. of Affordable Brands, Memphis leads an innovative, experienced team in building a digital platform and P2P network. They launched a lifestyle magazine in a beta-market test to cultivate an audience of global citizens who have cross-border residences, seek more value for their money, are comfortable with electronic banking and invested in digital currencies.
Since 1986, when Memphis co-founded an economic development publishing business, she has served in founding level positions as COO to CEO and demonstrated the ability to develop new ventures and manage successful operations. Project size from $2m to $1bn. Her strength is team building with a focus on inspiring the next generation leaders.
In 1990, she was part of the founding team of Avis Financial providing currency exchange. Today, that business has changed names, made acquisitions and mergers to evolve as the seventh largest wire transfer operation with offices in the UK, EU, Asia and South American markets.
Beginning in the mid-90s, she transitioned to real estate development focused on large-scale, mixed-use projects in gateway cities in the US, Europe and North Africa working with sovereign wealth investment funds, leading construction firms and ARUP. Over 15 projects including Old Post Office with ARUP, Shalom Baranes and Clark Construction, NY – master planned sites in Manhattan and Staten Island – with ARUP Engineering as my Engineer of Record, Paige Cowley Architects (historic) and others, London – including Battersea Power Station, in Madrid (Hotel Suecia redevelopment and financial structure for other site during 2009-12 recession). Her passion is the intersection between the built and Nature environments in supporting vibrant communities.
Her newest venture is using the latest fintech to create a revolutionary platform for real properties marketed for a cost of under €500,000. Integrating the listing site with a crypto/fiat exchange with a stabilizing mechanism to allow for the ease of cross border financial transfers, less subject to volatility of BTC markets, this platform is modular, replicable, expandable and integrates multiple markets. Affordable Brands democratizes the transfer of ownership in real property.

For a taste on this recently launched digital magazine, please visit www.affordablemallorca.com , a lifestyle magazine and Insider’s Guide to living, working, and playing on Mallorca.

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